Fast Surgical Recovery - Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Dental Assistant adjusting settings on dental equipment

The development of PRF was a result of over a decade of clinical research. The doctor responsible for this discovery is Dr. Joseph Choukroun, an internationally recognized authority on wound healing. His objective was to create a substance that would not only improve wound healing but also reduce the negative effects of healing, such as pain and inflammation. His latest research resulted in the newest invocation in PRF, A-PRF(Advanced PRF) and I-PRF(Injectable PRF). When compared to traditional healing treatments, A-PRF has been clinically proven to create better healing conditions. 

Improving Surgical Success

Dr. Nhu is always searching for new ways to improve his patients experience. He now offers Advanced PRF to aid in his patients recovery from surgical procedures.

Advanced PRF provides a variety of benefits: 

  • Cost savings over other traditional surgical recovery process’s

  • 100% Natural

  • Virtually Painless

  • Improved tissue growth for healthier recovery

  • Reduced chance of infections

  • Reduced post-operative pain

  • Reduced healing time

Using this treatment tool, Dr. Nhu provides patients with greater surgical success. This is especially helpful for patients with health risks that effect how your body can heal itself.

These risk factors include: 

  • Advanced Age

  • Smoking

  • Being Overweight

  • Alcoholism

  • Poor Diet

  • Prescription Medications

What to expect 

The gathering and processing of A-PRF is fast and virtually pain-free. At the beginning of your surgery, Dr. Nhu will use a small needle to gather a little tube of your blood, usually from your arm. The blood is then brought to a processing area where it’s converted into A-PRF in a centrifuge. After the A-PRF is processed, Dr. Nhu will either use it in solid or liquid form, depending on the need. After the surgery, you can expect less pain, less inflammation, less scarring and a faster healing process. This also provides optimal final esthetics once the tissue heals.